The Christensen sisters, about 1975:  Rose Richardson, Wanda Cannon, Lillian Strebel.

Wanda and Rose on Christensen Family History

  I'm Steve Richardson.  In August, 2003 we went to California to attend the wedding of my sister Jeanne's daughter Julienne to Alfred Blum.  A few days later my wife Cathy and I with our daughter MaryAnne rode with my mom, Rose up to visit my Aunt Wanda at her cabin near Echo Summit in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I intended to tape the conversation, but the recorder I'd brought didn't work, so I bought another one.  Though it was hot in Sacramento, it was cool enough at Aunt Wanda's that she had a crackling fire burning in her fireplace, and we and her daughter Joan sat in her comfortable living room and discussed various aspects of our family's history.  The entry from my diary is given below, and you can listen to what was said by selecting among the recordings.  Each part is about 45 minutes long.
27 August 2003, Wednesday
We left about 9:30, the microcassette recorder didn't work so we stopped at Radio Shack and bought one for $50.  It was hot so we had the air conditioner on all the way up.  Aunt Wanda was at her cabin with Joan with a fire in the fireplace.  She breathes with a tube from an oxygen tank and had good memory.  I went through Mom's autobiography with the recorder hopefully taping it, then went through the list of questions in the August [2003] Ensign.  We were there about 4 hours, then returned to Sacramento.  We stopped at Lucky so Mom could buy groceries, then to Mom's.

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                                       Part 1
                                       Part 2
                                       Part 3
                                       Part 4

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