Hal and Alice Edison

  I'm Steve Richardson.  My dad was Milton E. Richardson, a son of Maggie Evans. Her sister Ferrall (Fay) married Louis Edison and they had 3 sons; the middle one is Hal, my dad's cousin. 

  Hal married Alice Nelson, whose mother descends from James Bevan, an ancestor of my mom Rose Christensen, a descendant of James through James' first wife Mary Shields. Alice descends through James' 2nd wife Isabell McPherson Bevan.

  As of 25 December 2014, Hal and Alice will have been married 65 years.  They have consented to allow me to put their life stories and photograph album on this site.

  What this means is if you're an Evans or a Bevan, there's something here for you. If you're neither, you still might find it interesting.

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